disco club is the ultimate night out for women*

Born from Lise and Sarah’s own desire for no-holds-barred nights of dancing and singing with friends, the  trajectory of DISCO CLUB has been exponential because the pair know what their audience wants: the shared experience of a judgement-free night of dancing that celebrates early start/finish times, comfort, accessibility, inclusivity, and nostalgia.

Friendship and connection is at the heart of everything Lise and Sarah produce, and DISCO CLUB is no exception. With hundreds of tickets selling out in 72 hours, demand for additional DISCO CLUB events, waitlists, and interstate dates continues to grow.

Currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, the aim is to tour DISCO CLUB nationally to capital cities and major regional hubs in 2024.

*DISCO CLUB is LGBTQIA+ friendly and welcomes people who identify as non-binary.


I went by myself, met some great ladies who won’t remember my name nor I theirs, just friends for the night; dancing like no one was watching.

Cheeks sore from smiling, voice raspy from singing, muscles sore from dancing…loved it all. Such a fun, safe, and happy experience. Thank you.

I was just saying to my friend how much I miss dancing but am reluctant to go out clubbing to get my dancing fix, so she suggested DISCO CLUB. What I loved about last night was that the focus wasn’t on boozing, it was about dancing; dancing without judgement, signing like a little girl in the shower, and connection. Every time I looked around the room and made eye contact with another lady, we instantly smiled or sang to one another. Thank you for creating this safe place for women to be themselves.” “Such a brilliant night of over 13,000 steps of dancing! I didn’t care what people thought of my wacky dancing, it was a beautiful, comfortable night.

I didn’t care what anyone thought of my over-the-top, expressive, unchoreographed dance moves. Love, love, loved it – I’ll be back with more friends in tow!

Hard to describe the feeling. Fun, young again, singing at the top of your lungs, dancing to the best music. Thank you, Lise and Sarah, for creating a very special experience. Such love in the room. We will be back!

Euphoric, electric night!

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